People mainly use black salt for spicing up the food. Its magic on the food is overpowering. You just add a pinch of salt and there you get an incredible difference in the taste. It is the king of the kitchen. It blends from the meals so perfectly that you keep wondering why you were unknown about its usages. Not just foods, black salts add magic to the beverages too. You may try it with cocktails or fruit juice and notice the way that it enriches the taste.

Due to its amazing texture and color, black salt can give an extremely beautiful touchup for your dish. It makes food look prettier and tastier. Black salt tastes salty and a bit sour as well. Its flavor is a little different from ordinary white salt. The distinguishing feeling of this salt is a result of the presence of sulfur from its chemical makeup. Some folks also compare the black salt taste with that of hard-boiled egg yolk. In a nutshell, it has an excellent flavor that adds majestic taste to any meal.